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Josh Bartlam


What exactly is it that you do?

My name is Josh, and I am a full time digital media professional. I always hate when people ask me what I do because I know they expect a short and sweet answer like "accountant," or "salesman." For me, a better question is probably "what don't you do?" I would say I am a filmmaker or a cinematographer like most people in my profession do because that is the coolest way to say it... but shy of a few big budget Hollywood guys nobody actually shoots on film anymore and none of my work is ever created for cinema release. I could say I am a television producer, which I did for 8 years on Sportsman Channel and Outdoor Channel, but I feel like that neglects the fact that I also run the camera, light, and edit, as well as create motion and still graphics and take the occasional photograph here and there. With each new project I take on different roles to best help the client and get the job done efficiently, and for that reason there is no one title that describes what I do.

The college years (take me back please!)

I attended East Tennessee State University from 2002-2006 and graduated with a degree in Digital Media. At the time I was already a licensed real estate agent in the state of Virginia and was making some good money so I planned to use my skills in graphic design and video production for marketing purposes. The real estate market tanked the year I graduated, and I began to pick up freelance design and video work in the Richmond, Virginia area.

From hobby to career

I had just completed my first job for my first big client and they asked me what my company name was to make the check out to. S***! I hadn't thought of that yet! I panicked and replied "JB Media." The rest as they say is history. 10 years later that client is still doing monthly business with us. I have thought at least a dozen times about changing the name to something clever, but I am proud of the fact that it has no blemishes on it. Most companies change names or re-brand when something has tarnished the reputation associated with it. I have built a reputation for JB Media always doing a quality job, in a timely fashion, at a competitive price. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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