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Video content is what we specialize in.  If you agree that 'a picture is worth a thousand words,' then a video shot in 24p lasting just 2 minutes is mathematically worth over 2.8 million!  It's science.  Seriously though, we create all types of marketing videos, brand messages, short films, television commercials, wedding films, real estate tours. and corporate identity pieces. We own and operate the latest in state of the art camera equipment, audio and lighting, including four production cameras with 4k resolution as well as a professional level 4k drone for your aerial needs. One thing that we take pride in is being involved in 100% of the process. All of our work is scripted, planned, shot, and edited 'in house.' This process leaves no room for a disconnect or miscommunication between the client and the creative team, and ensures that you get the best possible experience from start to completion. Contact us for examples of our work that tailor to your specific idea or concept.



Video is essentially a series of 24 or more images displayed every second in sequential order to show motion. To be an expert in the field of videography, one must also know the best practices of photography. Because of this background knowledge, JB Media offers traditional and aerial photography services for real estate listings and also corporate or other events where our video services are also being used.



While we specialize in videography, our team has a creative eye and a background in design. If you are in the market for marketing materials or a corporate or small business logo design, we welcome the chance to work up some sample designs for you.

Examples Available Upon Request

Because JB Media performs such a wide variety of film, television, video, motion graphics, photography, and design work, please contact us for specific samples that are tailored to the project you have in mind.